Revenue sources may include:

• Insurance payments

• Donations

• Other sources of funding

Tracking the sources of revenue aids in maintaining the ongoing balance and cash flow. It’s used in the reimbursement process.

Revenue sources for an applicant may be viewed by clicking on Revenue Sources in the Applicant Menu.

  1. Editing an existing revenue source is accomplished by clicking the Edit Pencil next to the revenue source that needs to be edited.

  2. To add a revenue source, click the Add Revenue Source button and the Edit Revenue Source page is displayed.


Fill in the Revenue Source’s information, making sure that all Required Fields are populated.

  • Name – Name of Revenue Source

  • Description – Enter Description of Revenue Source

  • Debarred – Has the Revenue Source been Debarred?

  • Debar Check – The date that the above question was confirmed


Once the information has been entered for the revenue source, click Save to save the revenue source to GEMS.