• Employee's labor rates

  • Fringe rates (if applicable)

  • Preferred equipment (if applicable)

A. Set up employees from the applicant menu.


1. Click on the Applicant menu. 


2. Click on Employees. Then click the green Add Employee button.


3. Fill in the Employee’s information as completely as possible. Not all fields are applicable to each employee. It is okay to leave some blank. 

  • Will the employee be entering time for Direct Administrative Costs (DAC)? If so, then select YES for the DAC Employee field.


4. After the information has been entered for the employee, click Save to save the employee to GEMS.

5. Employee Rates can be set at the bottom of the Edit Applicant Employee page. This option will appear after you Add and Save the Employee. Do not skip this part, employee rates are essential to behind-the-scenes labor cost calculations.

  • These rates will be used for calculating costs of employee labor transactions into the GEMS system.

6. Click Add Rate to add an employee’s rate. Click the button again to add another rate. The Employee Pay Rates field will look something like this:

 Once all the employee’s rates have been entered, click Save Rate Table.