• The Applicant Requests page shows a list of all the requests associated with the currently selected Applicant.

  • Grant Requests associated with the currently selected Applicant are displayed at the bottom of the page, as well as the Grant Requests page.For more information on Grant Requests, go here: Types of Grant Requests

  1. Editing an existing request is accomplished by clicking the Edit Pencil next to the request that needs to be edited.

  2. To add a Request, click the Add Request button and the Edit Disaster page is displayed where new disaster information may be entered.



Select the type of request to be submitted. For Applicant requests, the request type will show RPA in the drop-down. If the drop-down is empty, set current
 Applicant, Program, then Grant.



Requests for Public Assistance may be submitted either through Applicant Requests or the RPA Portal , which is a stand-alone quick start process, (contact support to obtain the RPA Portal URL at support@tempest-gems.com).
The RPA Process in Tempest-GEMS is the same, regardless of which method is used to submit the RPA.