State and local government entities are eligible applicants. This group
includes: the States of the United States of America, the District of
Columbia, the territories of Guam, the Virgin Islands, and American
Samoa, the Commonwealths of Puerto Rico and the Northern Mariana

  • State/Territorial Governments (agencies, divisions, etc)
  • Counties,
  • Municipalities (cities, towns, townships, villages, barrios)
  • Local public authorities,
  • School districts,
  • Special districts,
  • Intrastate districts,
  • Councils of government,
  • Regional or interstate government entities
  • Instrumentalities of a local government or state/territorial

List of State Agencies in Puerto Rico

Private Nonprofit (PNP) Organizations

PNP organizations that own or operate facilities that provide certain
services of a governmental nature are eligible for assistance. However, the
organizations, facilities, and services must meet some additional eligibility
criteria beyond those that apply to governmental applicants.

Qualifying PNP Facilities

  • Educational – These are primary, secondary, and higher education facilities, including vocational facilities. Unless used primarily for religious purposes, eligibility extends to buildings, housing, and classrooms, plus related supplies, equipment, machinery, and utilities necessary for instructional, administrative, and support purposes.
  • Utility – This includes buildings, structures, and systems, even if not contiguous, of energy, communication, water supply, sewage collection and treatment, or other similar public service facilities.
  • Emergency – These include buildings, structures, equipment, or systems used to provide emergency services, such as fire protection, ambulances, and rescue, even if the facilities are not contiguous.
  • Medical – These include hospitals, clinics, outpatient services, hospices, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers that provide medical care. Eligible components include the administrative and support facilities essential to the operation of the facility, even if not contiguous.
  • Custodial care, including facilities for the aged and disabled – These include those buildings, structures, or systems, including those essential for administration and support, that are used to provide institutional care for persons who do not require day-to-day medical care, but do require close supervision and some physical constraints on their daily activities for their protection.
  • Certain irrigation facilities – These include irrigation facilities that provide water for essential services of a governmental nature. Eligible irrigation facilities include those that provide water for fire suppression, generating electricity, and drinking supply. Facilities that provide water for agricultural purposes are not eligible. For an irrigation facility element with mixed purposes, only damages related to the eligible purpose are eligible.
  • Facilities on Indian reservations.
  • Other essential governmental services, including:
    • Museums
    • Zoos
    • Performing arts facilities
    • Community arts centers
    • Community centers
    • Libraries
    • Homeless shelters
    • Senior citizen centers
    • Rehabilitation facilities
    • Shelter workshops
    • Health and safety services of a governmental nature, such as low income housing, alcohol and drug treatment centers, facilities offering programs for battered spouses, facilities offering food programs for the needy, and daycare centers for children and those with special needs