Customize an interactive report by selecting options on the Actions menu.

The Actions menu appears to the right of the Go button on the Search bar. Use this menu to customize an interactive report.


Select Columns

  1. To customize a report to include specific columns, click Select Columns on the Actions menu.
  2. The Select Columns dialog appears.
  3. Select the columns you want to move. Click the center arrows to move a column from Display in Report to Do Not Display. To select multiple columns at once, press and hold the CTRL
  4. To change the order of the columns, click the TopUpDown, and Bottom arrows on the right.
  5. Click Apply. A revised report appears.


Saving an Interactive Report

An interactive report can be saved as private or public, and only the user who creates a private report can view, save, rename, or delete it.

To save a public or private interactive report:

  1. Go to the page containing the interactive report.
  2. Customize the report (for example, hide columns, add filters, and so on). See: Actions Menu
  3. Click the Actions menu and select Save Report.
  4. The Save Report dialog appears.


  1. In Save Report:
  • Name- Enter a name for the report.
  • Description- Enter an optional description.
  • Public- Select this check box to make the report viewable to all users. Deselect this check box to make the report private. Click Apply.