As a new user, GEMS can be complicated. This document is designed, not as a full GEMS manual, but to get you started with some basic user tasks. The flowchart shows you the order of task. The tasks are presented in this document in the order of the flowchart.

*  If doing FA, you’ll need to create your employees and equipment prior to starting that effort. Adding Equipment  Adding Employees

*  It is worth noting that one should scan the documents to PDF prior to starting the data entry work.


The first time you login, this is what you’ll see:


  1. Click on the name of the Sub-recipient that contains the flag icon to the left. 

  1. The body of the page will change to display the name of the Sub-recipient. Click on the box to select the Sub-recipient.


  1. A window will open. Click on the blue Select this Applicant button.


4. A new window will pop up. Select the Program.

5. Click the blue Confirm button.


7. Select the Grant (or go to the article Adding a PW/Grant).


Now you are in the Grant and you can tell this two ways: 

  1. The grant shows a checkmark in the Select column and is highlighted green.

  2. The blue bar at the top of the screen says the applicant name, disaster, and PW number.



Before you submit a reimbursement request, you must have entered paid transactions. The total amount of your reimbursement request cannot exceed the total amount of your paid transactions. There are three types of transactions: Expense, Force Account, Revenue. You may not need to enter all three kinds of transactions.


Add Invoice/Expense for PW

  1. Click on Grants Menu .

  2. Ensure Vendors exist within the Applicant Menu. See Manual Section 7.1.4.

  3. After selecting a Grant, and still within the Grants Menu,

    select .
  4. Click the green button for expense entry:

  5. See Manual Section

Add FA entry for PW

  1. Click on Grants Menu .

  2. Ensure Equipment and Personnel exist within the Applicant Menu. (See Manual Section 7.1.2 and 7.1.3.)

  3. Upload Fringe Rate Calculations as an Applicant Document. See Manual Section 5.

  4. After selecting a Grant, and still within the Grants Menu,

    select .
  5. Click the green button for FA entry: 

  6. See Manual Section

Add Revenue entry for PW

  1. Click on Grants Menu .

  2. After selecting a Grant, and still within the Grants Menu,

    select .
  3. Click the green button for Revenue entry:

  4. Enter all of the information you are able. Revenue Value is a required field.

  5. Be sure to Save before closing.



Uploading a document from anywhere within Tempest-GEMS will bring up the same modal (pop-up) window with similar information to fill out for the document:

  • Document Class –Defaults based upon where you are adding the document from. Adding a Transaction document will default to Transactions. Adding an Applicant document, for example, Union Contracts will default to Applicant

  • Document Type – What type of document is being uploaded? Time Cards, Invoices, Proofs of Payment are some of the document types.

  • Name – Name of the document, like “Invoice for Gravel” or something like that.

  • Description – Allows further description of the document that is being attached.

  • Dates – Effective Date, Expire Date, and other date fields may be filled out to clarify when contract documents expire when invoices are due, etc.

  • Notes – may be added as well.


Add the actual document file by clicking Choose File


After scrolling down and filling Required Fields, there are two different Save options:

The gray   button saves without adding a text stamp.

The blue   button saves and continues to the text stamp screen.

If adding a text stamp, adjust settings on the next screen to modify the appearance of the text stamp.

Text Stamp – Will default to the Applicant Name and document type. Additional information may be added.

  • X Position – Identify the horizontal location of the text stamp. Measure from left side of paper to location in millimeters or use -2 for middle.
  • Y Position – Identify the vertical location of the text stamp. Measure from top of paper to location in millimeters or use -2 for bottom. For portrait (tall) 11 x 8.5 paper, try 266. For Landscape (wide) 8.5 x 11 paper try 203
  • Font – Defaulted to Times Roman
  • Font Size – Defaults to 10 pt.
  • Color – Defaults to black, but other colors such as green, blue, and red show up much more vividly against a photocopied black and white background document.



Add Request for PW

  1. Click on Grants Menu .

  2. Select Request:  

  3. Click the green Add Request button.

  4. Select the type of request you want. (Most of you will select Reimbursement).



  1. For Reimbursement requests, enter a description of the request and as much information as you are able. Then click the blue Save and Next button.


  1. Enter the Reimbursement request amount. Then click the blue Save and Next button.


  1. Upload any documents (they need to be PDF format) to support this request. Then click Save and Next.

  1. A window will pop up. Choose the document from your computer. It needs to be a PDF file. Choose the document type. Give the document a name.

Scroll and click the blue Save button. 


  1. Review the request.


Then click the blue Save and Submit button.


What happens next? Your request will be reviewed by your State Agency and this could take some time. In about 4-8 weeks, they will contact you for your remittance information.