Reject an Entry

Reject an Entry

Login into Tempest-Time if not already

Step 1

Click on the QA Menu’s drop-down arrow and select “Expense and Entries”. 

Step 2

On the page “Review Time/Expense Entries” there will be filter options with a drop-down list for clients, projects, employees, range dates and status such as pending, approved, rejected.

The report is defaulted to ALL, in case you selected specific information, right after that, click the search button, the report will populate only the information you selected.

Step 3

Locate the entry you wish to reject, then click/select the X “red button” under the Approve/Reject column. Note: Multiple entries can be selected.

Step 4

When ready to submit the rejected entry, a green button “Submit” will be available under the search and reset buttons. Click on the Submit button to submit and reject the entry.

If you wish to verify the rejected entry,  click on the Rejected radio button. The report will populate only the rejected entries.

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