Now that you have finished the Document Validation, it's time to do the Financial Validation. The person doing this step may be different from the person who completed the Document Validation. Both pieces must be completed before a reimbursement can be approved.

The reimbursement process includes several steps. The steps include:

  1. Select RFR to review
  2. Do a Document Validation (This part should have already been completed if you are going to start on the financial validation.)
    1. Enter the sample size (percentage rate)
    2. Confirm sample size
    3. Review the contract documents - with pass/fail
    4. Review the non-contract documents - with pass/fail
    5. Review set of documents against the check list - with pass/fail on each checklist item
  3. Do a financial review (may be a separate user)
    1. Enter the sample size (percentage rate)
    2. Confirm the sample size
    3. Review each invoice and its associated documents such as proof of payment - with pass/fail
    4. Enter the value of the invoice that is justified
    5. Complete the set
    6. When complete, provide a summary Pass/Fail. 
    7. Confirm the total amount that has been validated

1. Select RFR to review 

Find Reimbursement Request Screen

You'll need to find the Workflows menu. Click on it.

Find Reimbursement Request Screen. You can click either the word on the side menu or the image in the center of the screen. Either one will get you where you want to go. You choose! 

Review Reimbursement Requests.

  1. Click on the Review Queue Tab.
  2. Find the request you wish to review.
  3. Click on the Edit Pencil.


Part 2: Financial Validation

Click the Green Add Financial Documentation button.


Sample Size

Tempest-GEMS will select a random sample set based on the percentage that you enter. Common values are 10% and 20%. A 100% sample size is a 100% validation. This is also used.

Select the percentage of expense transactions and percentage of force accounts to review.


Scroll down and click the blue Save and Next button.


Review that you have selected the correct percentages for Force Accounts and Expense Transactions.

  • If so, click the blue Save and Confirm button.
  • If not, click the grey Return button and make the changes.



At the top of the next screen, you will see a progress table. As you Pass or Fail financial transactions, you will see that the numbers change and the progress circle begins to fill in.



Review each transaction and its supporting documentation: pass/fail.

Scroll to through the financial transaction page below to find the document section. Click on the blue Download link in order to review the document.


  1. Select Status: Pass/Fail from the dropdown menu.
  2. Select Amount Approved.
  3. Click blue Save and Next button.



Complete the above process for each Financial Transaction. Then provide a summary Pass/Fail.


Click the blue Save and Complete button.

 Congratulations! You are done!